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q & a with BRIDGE + CO. DESIGNS

When did you start your business?

I started Bridge + Co. Designs in March 2017.

What made you start your business?
My husband actually purchased a Vinyl Plotter to use as a hobbie and to make stickers for his and his mates cars & dirtbikes.

One day after a few months of owning it, I jumped on the computer and made some decals for wine glasses and then here we are 2 years later - not only do i make decals i create all wedding & Event Signage and Stationery.

Any funny stories or requests from clients?
No not really hey, all my clients are so lovely.

What do you do in your spare time?
I honestly don't have much spare time, i still work a full time job and do my Bridge + Co. work nearly every spare minute i have, but when i do have a chance I love to go away camping and four wheel driving with my husband and our friends.

Your favourite place to visit in the Sutherland Shire?
I love the shire within it self -  I actually couldn't think of a better place to live. We have so many amazing places to visit it would be hard to pin point one!

Tell us about your own wedding…
I got married when i was 22, i had been with my now husband since i was 16 and we had grown up together in Kurnell.
Our wedding well its was definitely a budget wedding, back then the rustic theme was the "in thing" so everything was wood and baby's breathe.
All my decorations were DIY - I had this old wooden door that I actually used as my seating chart… I hand wrote every single name on that door, if only i had known about vinyl decals back then!

What is your best advice for newlyweds?
Marriage is actually so much fun! You basically get to spend every day with your best friend, embrace it!




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